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This repository is a resource for posting and downloading Bayesian network models for sharing with others and for providing supporting material for publications. Please respect authors' rights where noted.


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Thermostat A

A time delay decision network for the thermostat-heater control problem. This is a simple example of heater control, with a single heater, single thermal mass, single sensor, and costs for overheating, underheating, energy and switching the heater on and off. It could easily be expanded into a more complex example.

Brent Boerlage
Netica .dne format
Physical Science
Socioeconomic Status DBN

This BN is an example of dynamic Bayesian network which includes feedback loops. The feedback loop represents the commonly accepted feedback relationship between socioeconomic status and education.

Bayesian Intelligence
GeNIe 2.0 XML format
Cows DBN

A DBN that exhibits oscillating beliefs over time.

Owen Woodberry
Netica .dne format
Industry > Agriculture
DBN, example, cows, grass, predator, prey