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Mendel Genetics

This Bayes net is for the famous experiments of Mendel, in which he developed the foundations of hereditary genetics. The experiments involved breeding red and white flowered pea plants.

A tutorial, with a complete description, is available at <>

Paper link: <>

Brent Boerlage
Netica .dne format
Genetics, peas, allele
Marten Telomere Genetics for Age Determination

These models, trained from laboratory and field data, predict the age of individuals of two species of marten (Martes americana and M. caurina) in North America, from relative length of telomeres (fragmented ends of chromosomes that shorten over time) and other anatomical and environmental factors. It is the first time that age of an organism can be predicted from telomeres (and other factors) in a reliable manner. Two models are presented here: the "live capture" versions, for predicting age in years from captured (or museum specimen) martens; and the "noninvasive" version for predicting age class from non-invasive genetic samples where the actual animal does not need to be captured and handled. A case file for running the live capture model version can be found at <>.

Bruce G. Marcot
Netica .dne format
Pauli, J.N., Whiteman, J.P., Marcot, B.G., McClean, T.M. & Ben-David, M. (2011) DNA-based approach to aging martens (Martes americana and M. caurina). Journal of Mammalogy, 92(3):500-510, The Oxford University Press
Wildlife, Animal, Genetics