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An expert system that assists surgical pathologists with the diagnosis of lymph-node diseases.

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Norsys Software Corp
Netica .dne format
Steroid Use Check

An extremely simple 2-node example demonstrating how true positive/false positive cases can be handled, in this case as applied to a steroid use test.

Bayesian Intelligence
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Steroid, Check, Decision
Amniocentesis Test

A decision network which decides if an Amniocentesis test provides a probability of a positive or negative result given the mother's age. It also provides the probability of a miscarriage should the test not be carried out appropriately. Amniocentesis is a test that can be done on pregnant women to test for certain foetal abnormalities, such as Down’s Syndrome.

Dan Rogers
Netica .dne format

An extremely simple medical diagnosis network example.

K.B. Korb and A.E. Nicholson
Netica .dne format
Korb, K.B. & Nicholson, A.E. (2010) Bayesian Artificial Intelligence. , CRC Press, Inc.
cancer, medical

A network modelling symptoms of disease and birth asphyxia in a child.

D. J. Spiegelhalter, R. G. Coewll
Netica .dne format
Spiegelhalter, D.J. & Cowell, R.G. (1992) Learning in probabilistic expert systems. Bayesian statistics, 4:447-465
child, illness

This network represents a probabilistic model for diagnosis based on medical knowledge.

I. A. Beinlich, H. J. Suermondt, R. M. Chavez, and G. F. Cooper
Netica .dne format
Beinlich, I.A., Suermondt, H.J., Chavez, R.M. & Cooper, G.F. (1989) The ALARM monitoring system: A case study with two probabilistic inference techniques for belief networks. , Springer
alarm, monitoring

Sample network showing probability of lung cancer given certain factors, alongside some symptoms.

S. Lauritzen, D. Spiegelhalter
HUGIN format
Lauritzen, S.L. & Spiegelhalter, D.J. (1988) Local Computations with Probabilities on Graphical Structures and Their Application to Expert Systems. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society. Series B (Methodological), 50(2):pp. 157-224, Wiley for the Royal Statistical Society
asia, lung cancer