Bayesian Network Modelling Association
Predicting Age of Martens From Capture Data

This model derives from a published version, slightly reformatted for testing an application of a Generative Adversarial Bayesian Network (GABN) framework. The model predicts the age of individual martens (members of the weasel family) based on six predictor attributes of marten sex, subspecies designation, zygomatic width (a measure of jawbone size), marten population density (derived from field trapping), telomere length (ends of the chromosomes that shorten over an individuals' life), and general age class (juvenile or adult). The model was initially parameterized with a case file of 399 samples of martens, and then used to generate a fictitious case file using Netica's "simulate cases" function, for testing the GABN approach.

Bruce G. Marcot
Netica .dne format
Biology > Ecology
Wildlife, Animal
December 2023