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A 20 node example of a belief net for medical diagnosis. This file does not contain the numerical probabilities (except those few given in the paper). This, together with the paper, provide a good worked out example for clique tree (i.e. join tree) compiling and propagation.

Paper link: <>

Norsys Software Corp
Netica .dne format
Spiegelhalter, D.J., Dawid, A.P., Lauritzen, S.L. & Cowell, R.G. (1993) Bayesian Analysis in Expert Systems. Statist. Sci., 8(3):219-247, The Institute of Mathematical Statistics
Illgraben Decision Graph

The Decision Graph is applied for the assessment and optimization of an existing threshold-based debris flow warning system. To model the warning system and compute the technical and inherent reliability, the Bayesian Network, which is the Decision Graph without the utility node, can be applied alone. Paper: <>.

Martina Sättele, Michael Bründl, Daniel Straub
GeNIe 2.0 XML format
Fuel Breaks

The model examines the role of the landscape, fuel load, fuel moisture and fuel breaks on changing the risk to property in San Diego County, USA.

Trent Penman
GeNIe 2.0 XML format
Penman, T., Collins, L., Syphard, A.D., Keeley, J.E. & Bradstock, R. (in press) Influence of fuels, weather and the built environment on the exposure of property to wildfire.. PLoS ONE, Accepted 12 September 2014